Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your frequently asked questions about the dentalcorp Academic Excellence Award

  • What is the award?

    The award is a full reimbursement of domestic tuition costs for the designated program, and a two-year contract with a dentalcorp practice. For international students, the award amount reimbursed would be equivalent to the program's domestic tuition costs. There are three awards per year for each of the two qualifying programs.

  • Who can apply?

    Students in good standing at a Canadian institution, who are eligible to work in Canada, and are in the final year of one of dental hygiene or dental assisting may apply.

  • What do I need to apply?

    You will need a copy of your school transcript, two reference letters from current or recent (within the past year) professors, and written answers to qualifying questions. Only online applications are accepted.

  • What are the pertinent dates?

    January 9: first day to submit applications
    March 24: last day to submit applications
    April 7: candidates shortlisted by decision committee
    May 19: award recipients are announced!

  • How are winners selected?

    An internal panel headed by Dr. Gary Glassman will evaluate written responses to application questions, grade point average, extracurricular involvement, and reference letters.

  • What is a shortlist?

    The internal selection panel will select the top 6 submissions from each category to form a shortlist of leading candidates who will receive further consideration.

  • Is my information secure?

    The information collected during the application process will be held in confidence. Emails will be used to communicate relevant information to applicants. Applicants may opt out of communications at any time.

  • What happens if I win?

    Shortlisted applicants will be notified via the email address or phone number provided during the application process. Winners will be announced over a zoom call. dentalcorp will draw up an employment contract in consultation with the winner. Tuition reimbursement will be awarded at 50% on first pay, 25% at 6 months and 25% at 12 months.

  • How and when will winners be notified?

    2023 winners will be notified in advance of the public announcement on the website and social media on May 19, 2023.

  • How is the monetary award distributed?

    Cheques for the tuition amount will be issued as follows: 50% at time of award, 25% after 6 months with dentalcorp practice, and 25% after 12 months with dentalcorp practice.

    The scholarship will be issued via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) to the winner. Payment will be processed within the first two weeks of starting at the dentalcorp practice.

  • What is the 2 year contract at dentalcorp?

    The contract will be tailored to each winner to reflect their program, qualifications, location, experience, and career goals.

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