Dentalcorp is committed to advancing the field of dentistry by actively supporting and investing in the next generation of oral health care professionals.

The Dentalcorp Academic Excellence Award is a nationwide program that significantly contributes to six graduating students’ tuition costs: two from Dental Assistant programs, three from Dental Hygiene programs and one Dental Therapist at recognized Canadian institutions. 

Upon successful graduation, the winners also receive a full-time, two-year contract to work at a Dentalcorp practice. The Academic Excellence Award provides a unique and exciting opportunity for outstanding students to graduate without the burden of excessive student loan debt, so they can instead focus on building a career in their chosen field. 

If you are a new or upcoming dentistry graduate, reach out to talent@dentalcorp.ca to learn more about exclusive career development opportunities.

Win a significant contribution to your tuition

two Dental Assistants - $5K each,
three Dental Hygienists - $20K each,
one Dental Therapist - $20K

In addition, winners from each program will also receive a two-year full-time (32-40 hours/week) contract with Dentalcorp.

Important Dates in 2024

January 10: First day to submit applications

April 10: Last day to submit applications

April 24: Candidates shortlisted by decision committee

May 31: award recipients are announced!  

About Dentalcorp

Launched in September of 2011, we have scaled rapidly to more than:

535+ locations
9, 650+ team members
2.1 million active patients
5.1 million annual patient visits

We are focused on acquiring and partnering with leading, growth-oriented general and specialist dental clinics across Canada.

Our unique value proposition allows our Partners to retain their clinical autonomy and professional independence while we, as their business partner, provide comprehensive strategic expertise and tactical resources to support their growth. This enables our Partners to focus their energy on delivering optimal patient care.

Our Core Values


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