2023 Award Recipients

Congratulations to our 2023 winners!

Lauren K.

Lauren K.

University of British Columbia

"I am beyond grateful to receive this award. I am thrilled to start my career in dental hygiene with Dentalcorp, a company whose value of fostering healthy communities through oral care is aligned with my own. I look forward to delivering exceptional patient care by further developing my knowledge and skills through clinical and community experiences. My goal is to positively contribute to my patients’ dental experiences and empower them to make positive changes to their oral and overall health."


Henrique C.

CDI Edmonton

"Receiving the 2023 Dentalcorp Academic Excellence Award means an exciting new beginning for me. I’m filled with renewed hope, gratitude and motivation to continue pushing forward towards personal and professional growth. I intend to grow and excel throughout my dental career as a registered dental assistant and ultimately as a dentist, and will always do this with integrity and gratitude."


Shane F.

Oxford College of Arts, Business, and Technology

"It’s an incredible honour to receive the Academic Excellence Award. It will allow me to work at an established dental office within the Dentalcorp network so I can start my career on a great path. Also, having my tuition reimbursed helps eliminate much of my student debt, allowing me to start saving towards my future goals much more quickly than expected. I look forward to working in a paediatric dental office where I plan to obtain further education in orthodontic and/or restorative courses. After gaining clinical experience, I plan to use it to become a dental hygiene educator."


Katelyn B.

Holland College

"I am very grateful to have received this award, although I couldn’t have done it without the support of my teachers, friends and family. It’s wonderful to be recognized for all my hard work, and it is such a great opportunity to be able to start my career with Dentalcorp. I am very excited to be able to assist people with their oral health. I hope to further my knowledge by going into the orthodontics specialty in the future. "

Hannah W.

Canadian National Institute of Health

"This achievement affirms my passion and dedication to the dental hygiene profession. This tremendous financial support will allow me to focus on my career, and I am thrilled to start it with the Dentalcorp family. As I strengthen my knowledge and skills in clinical practice, I will continue to advocate for equity and increased access to oral care for underprivileged communities. In the future, I would like to further my education in dentistry and specialize in temporomandibular joint disorders."


Dina O.

Keyin College – St. John’s Campus

"Receiving this award means I can continue to learn and set new goals to work towards in my profession. It is an honor to be recognized and acknowledged by Dentalcorp for this achievement. Some people are afraid to go to the dentist. I like to make their visits more comfortable. It is rewarding to help people feel more confident about their smile. "

Thank you to all who applied.

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